Costume Party

You are at an elaborate costume party.  What are you wearing?  What things are you saying and doing that you normally wouldn’t?


Start a reading journal.  List the last five books you have read and what you liked or disliked about each one.



Start a journal entry about what writing means to you.

Ha-Ha, Ho-Ho

Recall the last time you laughed out loud.  Write a humorous piece about what prompted the outburst, so you can inspire your readers to laugh as hard as you did.

Character sketch

writingWrite a few paragraphs about a character you want to use in a short story or novel.  Who is this person?  Describe this character—looks, hobbies, job, likes/dislikes. 

What does this character want from life?  Who or what is keeping him/her from obtaining these goals/desires? Keep writing about this person until you feel you have known him/her for years.

Please write your response in the comment area below. The first few will be critiqued. Look for the replies below your comment.

 Happy writing!
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