New Holiday

Create a new holiday, such as National Editor’s Day.  Write a greeting card for it.

Costume Party

You are at an elaborate costume party.  What are you wearing?  What things are you saying and doing that you normally wouldn’t?

Vacation Time

Describe your perfect vacation.  Include weather, location, activities and people involved.  Money is no object so dream big.


Brag Time

If you could freeze one picture perfect moment of your life, what would it be?  Life is filled with inward and outward proudest moments – those times of success, accomplishment, feel-real-good about self, achievement, and top performance when you were recognized for a job well done and the world acknowledged you.  And that world could range from your private self to professional, to civic, to global.

Success comes in all kinds of packages.  In fact, most proud moments occur in the secret chambers of the heart.  So stand tall and square those shoulders, we’re proud of you and applaud you.

And SMILE – this is your chance to shine!

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