In Post 1, I forgot to mention two other health related books I read since the beginning of 2016.  The first is Your Mother Called (Mother Earth)… You’d better call her back! by Gina Murphy-Darling (aka Mrs. Green).  This book carries the author’s passionate message of respect for Mother Earth and identifies many of the environmental challenges we face, and how we can begin to live in order to preserve this planet that we all share.

Earthing; the most important health discovery ever! by Clinton Ober, Stephen Sinatra, M.D. and Martin Zucker. This well-researched book explains how we can reconnect to the Earth and heal.  Interesting concept- when I tried to connect to the only piece of actual ground I have around the house, the grassy area in the backyard, I was standing barefooted for a few minutes and when I decided to look at my feet, they were covered with ANTS!  I think my real Earthing will have to wait until I’m on some sandy beach.

Share what you have been reading of late.  Now I’m back to fiction-just finished Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll.  If anyone read this book, I would be interested in what you thought before I give my review.  Maybe because I taught teenagers for 36 years in the Chicago area, I knew the ending well in advance.

Still planning on another collection book; I’ll keep you all posted.  In the meantime, keep reading and writing.