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80 +

For now, I have put my Reflections book idea on hold — only have a few entries, not enough for a book.  So here’s my new idea. I am looking for at least 6 octogenarians who have started a new adventure in their eighties. For example, someone who decided to learn how to play the piano, guitar, etc. when she/he turned 80.  Or decided to take an acting class, Readers Theater, adopt and train a first dog, first time yoga, cake decoraing, hosting high tea, etc.

It would be great if the person would tell his/her new experience, but also a child’s or grand kid’s remembrance would be acceptable.  Or the 80 year old could tell the story to a grandchild who would do the actual writing.

Essays should be 850 to 1000 words; submissions due by September 15.  If interested or need more information, contact Eileen Birin at

Thank you

What’s in a Date?

Today’s date is important.  Why?  If you can’t think of why, invent a reason.

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